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What are Devon Cattle?

Devon cattle have qualities that are of great value to the modern commercial beef industry. There is a mounting awareness of the importance of these qualities and the Devon is well placed to take advantage of the swing back to the superior eating qualities of the British breed cattle. Devons have a broad genetic diversity and a range of maturity patterns that enables them to perform in a wide variety of situations. Read more ...

Devons are typically very quiet and easy to handle, are a rich red colour and inherently very fertile. As they appear to have excellent feed conversion efficiency, they are hardy and can handle adverse conditions and heat better than any other British breed. They produce high quality meat in a wide range of production systems, from intensive feedlot or grass finishing to the extensive pastoral runs.


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Mar 7 Annual General Meeting 2:00 p.m.
Tamworth Golf Club
Mahoney Avenue Tamworth NSW
Mar 7 DCBSA Dinner - Longyard Hotel Goonoo Goonoo Road Tamworth
Mar 8 Board Meeting - Tamworth Golf Club 9:0a.m.
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