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SBTS Technical Officer

Catriona Millen will be undertaking the full SBTS Technical Officer support role for the Devon Cattle Breeders' Society of Australia. The technical support role will cover both individual members and liaison with the Devon Cattle Breeders' Society of Australia Council on technical matters.
In addition to her new role as SBTS Technical Officer, Catriona is currently completing her PhD in dairy cattle genomics at the University of Melbourne and the Victorian Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transports and Resources (formerly DEPI). Her PhD project involved searching for casual mutations and candidate genes underlying milk production traits and feed conversion efficiency in Australian Holstein and Jersey cattle.
Prior to embarking on her PhD project Catriona completed a Bachelor of Science at Monash University in 2008 and a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Honours) at the University of Melbourne in 2009. She has also worked as a genetics demonstrator at La Trobe University.
Catriona is based at Armidale and can be contacted on (02) 6773 3357 or alternatively on 0409 102 644. Email: catriona@sbts.une.edu.au

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SBTS and TBTS have set up joint social media accounts with the aim of making technical information and updates more accessible to seedstock producers. Information is routinely posted on Twitter and Facebook such as articles, webinars and event details, while the You Tube channel contains video presentations such as webinars from past SBTS and TBTS webinar series and short "Understanding BREEDPLAND EBVs" e-media clips.

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Getting Started With BREEDPLAN

The BREEDPLAN website now features a "Getting Started with BREEDPLAN" area created specifically for herds that are either new to BREEDPLAN or potential BREEDPLAN recorders. This features newly compiled "BREEDPLAN: A guide to Getting Started"
To access the Getting Started with BREEDPLAN webpage visit the website BREEDPLAN


The Inland Devon Breeders
This group of enthusiastic breeders of Devon cattle come from a wide area west of the Great Dividing Range.
The group's main objective is to enhance and promote the qualities of the breed in the region.
A bull/female sale is held annually, and members actively participate in the youth camp which educates our Future Beef Breeders.
All breeders interested in Devon cattle are welcome to participate.

For more information about this group contact

David Spong
Tania Hall
Alison Heap
02 6760 4244 or 0419 648 250
02 6844 6266
02 6743 8031
Spongo Devons
Gundooee Devons
Gowan Ross Devons




One of the oldest breeds of the past, the universal breed of the future ... DEVON